About Us

Hello E-Juice connoisseurs, I’m Captain Obvious!

As the Vape World keeps coming out with new E-Juices every day, I help them discover the most obviously amazing juice on the planet! We have just what you need to satisfy those vaping cravings! ‘The Breakfast One’ is insanely delicious and can be used morning, noon, or night. Honestly, anytime that you are craving The Breakfast One, I encourage you to use it!  You also can’t go wrong with ‘The Beach Bum One’ and I highly recommend using SPF 30 while vaping it. And ‘The Key Lime One?’ You are in good hands with this one. The graham cracker notes will send you soaring away to a store near you to stock up on more! It’s that good. Send me a message on our contact form to learn more about me or my juices! Happy Vaping my friend!